Grateful for Jell-O Water

Came home from running errands yesterday morning with THE worst headache + body aches + sensitivity to light & sounds + fever & chills + my skin feeling like pins and needles!

All that = a miserable me.  :(

Not sure that it's what Mini-Me had last week, as it feels more like the flu than pneumonia.  But I'm still not happy about it!  I'm supposed to head to the west side this weekend to see my friend, SIF, from Alaska as well as spend time with my sister, whom I haven't seen in 13 years!

All I can say is that I better get better real quick-like.

So, as I'm frequenting the couch, the bathroom, or my bed ONLY, I'm very grateful for my mom's Jell-O Water recipe that helps keep me hydrated....plus it tastes yummy...and considering it's been the answer for me my whole life, it brings with it a great deal of comfort!

And I'm grateful for a doting Mr LKP who has been more than wonderful in taking care of me.  He always laughs when I ask for my Jell-O Water.  He swears it's a cute request, but he also knows that if I'm asking for it, I'm definitely not faking being sick!

How does one go about making Jell-O Water?

Well, by doubling the amount of water in the Jell-O recipe.  It's best warm...if it starts to cool down it congeals....thus defeating the desired "water" outcome.  Also it can spoil if it's left out too long, so perhaps make it a half package at a time.  Or just be sure you or your sicky at your house can definitely drink the entire batch.

I am so grateful for how easy this remedy is...not to mention I love going to my pantry to make it rather than having to truck-it all the way into town to buy Gatorade or Sprite.

Wish me luck kickin' this bug and have a healthy day!


Ann Marie said...

Your sick again? Oh my.. I DO hope you feel better soon lady!

I have always heard about Jello water.. but never knew what it was.. so thanks for posting!

Get well thoughts sent your way!!!

M-Cat said...

Being sick = BOO!
I'm sorry lil angel - hope the jello water works wonders! I only ever saw it in baby bottles as a kid growing up and wondered why they got so lucky!

Deborama said...

I hope you feel better soon! I don't know how I missed the Mindy concert???? I gotta check blogs more often! :) Daisy is looking older! Yikes! What a sweetie! We gotta get these girls together one day. :)

erickson zone said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather. Hopefully you'll be back on top in no time...Get it? Under the weather, back on top! HA! I crack myself up!

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my little sweetheart! I'm sorry sickness has invaded your system.
Sounds like a beast!
Hope you get better soon.
I'll send you some chicken soup in an envelope K?

Cherie said...

Being Sick = Yuck!! So sorry. It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned so I hope you recover fast.
Jello water huh? Ha ha it is great to have a comfort food. I used to sneak jello to school and stick my finger in it - Yum. Don't think that would cure the flu for me though. Enjoy your J-Water!!

Valerie said...

Hope you feel better soon! I've been sick for 3 days but never heard of trying Jello water. What is it supposed to do?

karen★ said...

ooooohhhhh....i am so sorry you're sick. please get better soon so that you can be back up and at em'!

Heather said...

I hope you get better and are able to hang out with your friend. I love the Jello Water thing! I will have to try it some time. I could have used it today because I was feeling like I was coming down with the flu. I feel fine now but I hope I still feel fine in the morning.

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