BLOGGERS, TAKE ME AWAY: Details & Pix-1st Installment

You. have. no. idea.

There are sooooo many words in my head right now from my week away.....too many to list them all and do the weekend any justice.  However some of the trigger words that had us rolling the whole time were:
  • bat(bleep)-crazy
  • brazillian
  • crafting
  • sex

Laughing until tears rolled down our cheeks was an epidemic, and some of us may or may not have had to keep their inhaler at the ready....as in, at my fingertips....as in, constantly. 

Speaking of tears, I had them rolling down my face quite frequently...not just from laughing, but from the spiritual moments, as well as the sisterhood we were forging, and simply due to being emotionally overwhelmed by how great the getaway was...and how badly I'd apparently been needing it.

I was finally able to quantify in words what was going on with me when I was telling Mr LKP that I finally felt grateful to be a woman...comfortable being a daughter of God....and I am glad to be re-learning how to be me.  My life has always felt like I was living it, but barely scraping by with how my lot was cast.  Whether due to family circumstances, events, lack thereof or whatever, I never really have felt like I have been who I was supposed to be.  Now does that EVEN make sense?  Not saying I wanted to be a dude.  Just saying that I've never felt good enough as I am.

This weekend, I totally felt good enough.  I should say I FINALLY felt good enough.  Just me.  Who I am.  As I am.  It's a good place to be.

So, between crashing at Cherie's for a few hours, the cabin experience, and then seeing my favorite Brennans in the world, and then spending a few days with the Hopkins family, I'm feeling that I'm exactly who I am supposed to be after all, and I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to do here on Earth.

I was mentioning to Kim, while we were in the LDS Church History Museum (if you haven't been, you need to go!), that I missed the old musical "My Turn on Earth."  No lie.  I LOVED that cassette.  Pretty sure I wore the thing out.  But anyhow, I bring this up cause I finally feel okay with my turn, and I can see why its important.

Also, in addition to talking & eating & laughing & CRAFTING (No. lie.  Tauna taught us, so it was serious crafting!  Absolutely nothing gross, M-cat!  At least not as a group effort!  lol.), we played some wicked-fun games!  Which of course just got us in hysterics again. 

Cherie's birthday was the day we got to the cabin.  My 31st birthday was the day we left the cabin.  So there was ample celebrating the whole go-'round.  And I even scored a perfectly pink, marabou feathered tiara....wasn't until I got home late Tuesday night & Mini-Me found it that it was discovered my tiara LIT UP!!!  Sweet headgear for sure!
So, with all that outta my head for you to chew on, here are all the photos from this weekend that i have on my camera.  No re-touching, and only limited narration since there are so many photos....and I mean MEGA photos.  They'll take you up Bear River Canyon, to reveling in the cabin at Bear Lake, to the lake itself, then past a dead body (I said PAST it!  No pix of that-totally creepy, since it was my first dead body besides dead grandparents at viewings who look like they're only sleeping and are gonna reach out and touch ya at any moment...and besides, everything was pretty much covered with the white sheet....besides the guy's arm.  But that was enough for me!  All I can say is that my heart goes out to the man's grieving family and that I'm glad we got lost on the way to dump our trash...), on to the Logan temple, down to Salt Lake City, Up to the This is The Place monument, to the Brennan's place, then to the Hopkins' house, off to the LDS Church History Museum, to the top of the Oquirrh Mountains for a lovely view of mist/fog as it came rolling in and a peek down into Kennecott Mine, all over Temple Square, through Brigham City, and then home from there, with of course as you already know a flat tire & popped out fender in Snowville along the way.

Pretty much you get to take my weekend journey with me.

So buckle up, cause here we go (and please toss all thoughts about photography skills out the window.  This trip was about experiencing & enjoying my surroundings, NOT pro-photog skills.  A-thank you!)......
Cow trailing as we headed through the canyon towards Bear Lake.

First glimpse of Bear Lake.  Gorgeous!  That blue just explodes out of the surrounding colors of Autumn.
Okay, L to R: Ann, Monica, & Heather
Heather made this.  Isn't it adorable?!?

Monica is freaking talented!  And she made one for each of us.  Squee!
No Cherie shindig is complete without the big red lips!

What else do you give the Cullen-addicted woman who's got everything?  A custom sparkly "Team Gusty Ridge Ranch" t-shirt of course!

No party is complete without Wendy...
Embroidered 3 of these for Cherie's REAL birthday gift.  Hey a girl's got to have options when it comes to her kitchen in the Fall....so here's her gratitude pumpkin one....below is her candy corn one for Halloween (since she's a candy-corn-aholic, lol)...and there's a third one not pictured yet with autumn leaves & an acorn on it.  I'll find a picture of that one & toss it in here somewhere.  They were so. much. fun to do! 

Ann spoiled us all rotten with fabulous antique dishes (1 selection per gal)...but Cherie absolutely scored MAJOR with this one for her birthday gift!  So many things you can do with a piece like this!

AH!  I'm in love!!!  It's a jar full of honey!  Not gonna lie, was a teensy bit jealous...but then I remembered I had a jug of honey in my Jeep outside, and then all was good.  Kimmie dressed the jar up so cute though I think.  Totally homestead-like which I adore in ALL things!

Tauna & M-Cat...what a pair!  M-Cat could only stay one night with us, and we were all sad to see her go, cause she is a TOTAL kick in the pants!  She was also a great source of laughter & trigger words for the whole adventure!

All I can say with this one is, Tsk! Tsk!....   (:
Okay, so L to R: Ann, Monica, Heather, Me, Kimmie, Cherie, Tauna, and M-Cat
Okay, so L to R: Monica, Cherie, Brittany, Heather, Ann, Me, Tauna, & M-Cat...Katie was waking up at that time so we missed her for the big pics.

"Now it's time to say goodbye.....to all our company...
.....M-I-C....See you real soon.....
...K-E-Y....Why?  Because we like you...

The neighbors....and, yes, by George, it IS for sale!
Katie & Brit, a couple of regular pool sharks.
Our temporary digs, in all it's glory.  Had 3 floors (counting the loft), a full bathroom on each floor, full kitchen, Pool table as you saw above, a Foosball table in the basement, and a total of 10 beds (including a futon)....all were queen size except one was a king.  Seriously ample room for us all and then some!

Kimmie's gonna blush, but she's got a good butt.  Just sayin'!

Felt like we were at the coast, seriously.  Have NEVER seen these shades of blue so far inland before!

Yeah, all that gravel?  Hehe, nope.  All teeny-tiny shells!

(Above image stolen from Heather's blog)

All I gotta say is, GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!  lol.  (Above image stolen from Heather's blog...and I think she may have stolen it from Cherie's blog)

Aren't they just the cutest sisters?

Friday's lunch menu: Homemade Cheese soup, Homemade Chicken Noodle (with HOMEMADE noodles even), & Baked Potato Bar.  Grubbin'.  No lie.  Can I just tell you all how much easier this adventure was to say "It's my party & I'll cry if I want to..."  actually, more like "It's my birthday weekend/week and I'll eat if I want to."  And really I did pretty good.  Kept up on my meds, didn't GORGE myself, and all I saw was my skin flare a little with the psoriasis, and I was only a touch gassy, but not gas-chamber-ish....NOT AT ALL AS BAD AS I WAS WORRIED I WOULD BE.  Sorry TMI.  There went all your visions of me being proper & ladylike.  Sorry to let you down.  (Oh & in case you were wondering, Cherie's amazing lasagna was our dinner fare on Thursday night...We scarfed down waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for Friday's breakfast.  Nummers!)

Saturday morning, Katie & I had our breakfast.  We needed something easy-breezy since we had to be completely out of the cabin by 11am, sharp.  So we did the only natural thing to do: HOTELESQUE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST BUFFET, BABY!!!  Katie made the signs, I brought my fancy Thanksgiving tablecloth & napkins, and we threw together a spread with a little something for everyone.  So awesome!
We even got the Wendy & Gigi seal of approval.  Heehee...
Ahhhh, the Bakow Babes!  (Just cause Brittany married Mr. Perfect doesn't mean she's not still a Bakow Babe.)

Okay, L to R: Kimmie, Wendy, Ann, & Tauna
Gigi felt left out, so we had to be sure she was pictured with the rest of the cool kids!  (Aren't Gigi's massive pucker lips totally rad?!?)
Okidokie, so it looks like Blogger does not want to take on anymore of my photos in this post.  So, I'll work on another post for the next 100 or so photos, and you just enjoy everything thus far!  Toodles.


Cherie said...

OK wait so you don't think I have good butt??? Snicker Snicker!!!

I will definately be stealing a bunch of these pictures - You got so many great candid shots!
Heather actually took the jumping picture and I have stolen it from her also but she took it!!

Wow you really did alot after we left the cabin -I cannot wait to see the rest of your time in Utah and reading the first couple paragraphs I want you to never doubt again that you are one awesome chick!! I love you to pieces!!!

Cherie said...

P.S. Thanks for the other pictures you e-mailed me.

P.P.S. Crafting!!! Bahhhh Ha Ha

{Mo} said...

Keely! I'm loving every (ok, almost every) picture you took.... serious camera envy my friend, not to mention skillz envy! YOU ROCK GIRL! and not just in the photo department, you in general just ROCK! I'm so glad I got to meet you!

I got a little teary reading this post! Not only do I miss you all, but well, it's been a frustrating week since I got home, and honestly I've been feeling a bit picked on, and most of it I have no control over, BUT as I read your post I realized that I CAN control the way I deal with it all. Now, I guess I need to find my happy face/attitude and make the most of what I've been given! Thank you!

I can't wait to see and hear all about the rest of the trip.

PS-count yourself lucky, there was no white sheet as we went past, and it wasn't pretty :( Then I got home and read on the news what happened and I was sickend all over again... Such a sad ending to a fantastic weekend!

gigi said...

AWESOME pictures my friend! Of an AWESOME weekend and like the others, I think the rest of your trip will be fun to see also :)

Connie said...

Love your jump! OK, I could almost hear everyone talking in those pictures! So...is it true that this will happen again in 12 months? You think you might be able to handle a gray-haired chica in your group?

Keep those pics coming! So much fun!

M-Cat said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? MORE THAN THE EFFING SEA!!!

Okay, cool pics - will be stealing some? Pretty please?

And for the LOVE of all that's holy, will you PLEASE put your email on your account so I can email on your comments????

Oh, and I love you more than the sea.



and now I gotta go craft something.


S.I.F. said...

OK, seriously, those pictures look like the most fun ever! And your words in the beginning? Have me cracking up!

But even more, I am so excited for you that your found your way to realizing how worthy you are!

Nikki said...

Looks like you girls had soooo much fun :D. What a wonderful time with your friends.
I love the photo's of you guys jumping... Did you miss the countdown for the first one? ;)

A cabin by a lake, craft, great food, games, birthdays, a Brazillian?, a bunch of lovely ladies... sounds like a wonderful weekend.

How amazing is the neighbours house... it's huge and I think I could have a lot of fun sliding down those cool slides. How much?


gigi said...

Yeah, can I have your email??? Mine is gigigriffis@juno.com

thank you very much :)

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