Feels Like I'm Out on this Limb by Myself

...and did I mention I've quasi-afraid of heights?

I didn't?!?

OK, I'm not, but I am.
Makes no sense, right?

Well, I've never struggled with it-even all through my HS cheerleading days!  But for some reason I think Heavenly Father thought I would be. So, He thought ahead.  And when it came time for my "some assembly required" moment, he dug through all the bins & storage for just the ticket
...He found me the short legs.

I know He did it cause He loves me. I know He did it cause He cares. I know He was just being the ultimate "dad" and trying to cut any issues off at the pass...before a scary episode could actually transpire.
Doesn't it go, Fee-Fi Fo-fum...ya know, the taller they are, the harder they fall ...and something about magic beans or whatnot... right?

Aw crumbs. Since He meant well, I'll still hug the Big Guy with the big idea of little legs when I see Him next.

But OH how I digress!

I didn't pop by the blog to process about my vertical limitations.

No, no.  The limb I'm referring to has to do with my photography.  Let's just say, there's been a culture shift in the world of photography.  

Especially considering every-one-and-their-big-toe's digitally shooting now, and the fact that everyone wants the best bargain possible (hence the creation of the High-Res Image CD w/ copyright release, and the subsequent mass-exodus to WalMart's one hour photo counter after obtaining said CD), and the fact that getting the CD's physically to my clients is kind of a pain in the keister due to our living on the back 40.  In addition to the wear & tear on the old horse n' buggy just to get to town to deliver the CD's ---cause who wants to receive that CD in the mail, really?  I mean sheesh!  Snail mail is so 80's...don't tell my Aunt I said that!--- there's also the EXTRA time I'm losing on other stuff cause I'm in the car longer....and frankly it's a WHOLE LOT OF HEADACHE not to mention time I can't spend shooting!

The other part about that is, photographers make money on their craft.  On the actual product they produce.  If a photographer's expected to just fork over a CD with all the images AND permission for the client to endlessly print somewhere else to their heart's content, well then where does that leave the photographer?  

I mean yeah, maybe the client handed over a measily $25 or $50 or $75 for the CD...and they're looking at that CD like it cost them their first-born.  But we photographers pour our hearts & souls into those sessions and images.  

Plus, sessions don't always stay nice & tidy, within the 1-2 time frame either.  So more time shooting = MORE images = MORE time shooting, but also editing as well.  Can become very cumbersome & overwhelming.  Not to mention, no one wants blemishes or the real & obvious dark circles/undereye bags/black eye to be archived for all time.  Therefore we scrutinize and retouch and in some instances CARVE OUT the perfect image.  

So forgive me for thinking the expectation of the High-Res CD is a whole lot of hooey now.  I mean I'll do it if absolutely necessary, but it's not my preferred way to go about getting those lens-gems onto your wall or in your photo album/scrapbook.

My solution to the problem?  I got myself a storefront!

No, not a walk-by-it-downtown (with a indoor lighted studio in the back), or a drive-by-it-while-going-through-Lowden-and-Touchet storefront of my dreams.  But an online storefront!

That works for me.  For now.

This way my clients can access my galleries, see all the work I lovingly labored over (my brain children if you will)...can ooh and ahh over how wonderful they look or what a fabulous time we had...and they can place an order right there....and they cannot right-click their hearts away.  ;)

Sneaky, I know!  And I LOVE it!!!!  ::cue maniacal laughter::

So, with this perfect plan comes some nervousness.  I'm spending a chunk of money for the year to have this resource available.  I certainly hope I'm able to keep it worth my while!

Hopefully it shouldn't be a problem with fall coming on, and Christmas cards to get photos for....perhaps I'll have to start hosting mini-shoot Saturdays.  Hmmmm...  ::hamster wheel turning::

LatchKey Photography Storefront

So, hop on over and tell me what you think so far?

(P.S.  The side-perk I hadn't anticipated was having a gallery of a ton of my past work & favorite shots all in one place.  Easy access to the portfolio should also prove to be a blessing, at least that's what I'm hoping out of this.) 

(P.P.S.  Isn't King Tuffy the cutest out-on-a-limb-model you ever did see?!?)


Cherie said...

I think it looks GREAT Keely - I find myself wanting to call you "Kee" for short.
Ha Ha
Do you have a nickname? Do people call you Kee?

Obviously this is where you got Latchkey? But I digress because it it 7:13 in the stinkin' morning and I don't do mornings!

Have a Happy Day!

LKP said...

yes. as a matter of fact, kee is a very common nickname in my life! and yes that's what spurred latchkey for my biz name. you are good. no one else but family figured out the connection! have a happy day too. i also don't do mornings, but i didn't do any sleep last night, so i may bypass the morning. skip ahead to the afternoon! =)

Garden of Egan said...

Oh great Sensai! I lurve the storefront! What a fabulous idea!!!!
I want to be taught at your feet (however little they may be)
I am ALMOST done with the wedding I was working on while you were here. The wedding is tomorrow and I tell you......I've worked so stinking hard! I have done 3 separate photo shoots so far. I have loved it, but man what a lot of work.
THEN, I still have to put a DVD together for them to show at the wedding tomorrow.

S.I.F. said...

This is SO cool LKP! And I am SO excited for you! Going over to check it out right now!!

You are a rockstar!

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