American Honey....UPDATE

Kick all those alcoholic thoughts out of your head.  And no, this is not in regards to anything Lady A(Though I have been totally appreciating them more lately, especially that new one Our Kind of Love....hmmm...practically perfect in every way!)

Remember my honey post from a few days ago?

Yeah, well since that post I've been trying to down my 2 oz. nightly right before bed.  It's totally delish, however that much honey all at once is a lot to take.  (2 oz. = 4 TABLESPOONS!!!  Oy vey is RIGHT!  Well at least the first couple times, it's just starting to get easier.)  But I've been doing it the best I can.  Haven't noticed anything big there yet, but hopefully my liver is loving it and feeling healthier.

What I DID notice is the pure energy from it.  Last night wasn't just volleyball, we played MEGA-VOLLEYBALL!!!!  And I was up for it the. whole. time.

Usually I've got plenty of energy to start, but by the 3rd game in, I get quieter and slow down a bit.  By the end I've buried myself in foolish mistakes on top of mistakes and I'm dragging myself out of there.  Sadly it's not because I've killed my muscles or worked up a MASSIVE sweat even.  I'm just usually done....as in, stick-a-fork-in-me done.

Last night, since I knew I'd be gone until later, I did my 2 oz. of honey and then hit the road bound for volleyball.  As soon as the doors were opened, I burst on the scene ready to go, not even feeling winded at the mere idea of stretching or warming up!  Our warm-up was more like a severe work-out and it felt. so. good!

Game after game I was zoned in more-so than in recent memory.

By the time I finally got seated & belted in my car, I knew I would sleep well once I got home.  And it felt like I'd dropped some serious poundage in sweat alone!  (Totally gross, I know, but it was a good feeling.)  Doesn't mean I weigh any less or look any different.  I just felt different, in a good way.

Didn't call it a night there.  Oh no, since I had to run to the supermarket for some more apples, greek yogurt, etc.  Got done with that and then embarked on the epic journey that is my drive home.

Funny part?  I didn't even feel groggy or hazy at. all.  Normally that drive late at night is not an easy one to traverse.

Got home, put the groceries away, got caught up on my fave blogs & email.  Went to bed at almost 3am.  Craziness?  Got up a few hours later with the family to get them out the door to school & the orthodontist (Banner Day:  Mr LKP is getting his braces off as I type this!).  Besides my sore shins, I'm actually still doing OK and haven't even ventured back into my room for some extra zzzzzz's.


::insert sing-songy voice::
Love it!

(Now I think I'll go see if I can Netflix The Bee Movie....have never seen it all the way through....with sound.....used to play over & over at my old office, but only through the headphones....so yeah, I guess I need to see what I've been missing the last few years!  Lol.)


Becoming LDS said...

I just wanted to let you know that there are currently two reponses to your question on my blog. Mine is quite lengthy, sorry but I hope it helps a little. :)

Julie said...

Crazy...I never would have thought that. that's the Bees Knees! ;)

Cherie said...

Keely I seriously doubt that YOU need any help to keep you bouncing off the walls! Tee Hee - You have more energy in the tip of your little pinky than the rest of us have on our best day!! I love that about you ;-D
I did not know that honey had energizing power - that is way cool. I actually don't know much about honey - I should check it out more.

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