The Good The Bad and The Happy Little Skinny Green Wall!

Our water's back on finally... 
only after I called the power company & lost my cool with them.

Filled up the pool...
only to find a leak in one of the seams.  

We were blessed, however, to find a TV at an extremely reasonable price. 
(Although somewhat smaller than Mr LKP was hoping for.)
Yes!  That so flippin' IS Napoleon Dynamite on my screen!

So we're glad to not be stuck with my poor old laptop or our 4 inch portable DVD player's screen any longer.  It's been since March that we've been 100% TV-less (We don't watch television, but we enjoy movies as a family).  Yep, 5 long months!  It's been rough not being able to fully enjoy our DVD collection.  Not to mention "no Wii" has been killing the other two in my house.  
(Who are we kidding?!  Even I've been feigning for some good old Super Mario Bros.)

The wreath was there as a spot filler until we can mount the TV on the wall, at which point the shelf will come down just a little bit.  If we even have room for a wreath or something I'll switch to something else.  Otherwise, looks like a happy little green skinny wall to me!  



karen★ said...

it looks so great! our tv broke just a few days ago, so i hope that i can follow in your amazing footsteps of not watching tv for awhile. (i don't know that i can make it 5 months though without a little disney channel on in the mornings!) so sorry about your water...home repairs officially suck & I LOVE SUPER MARIO BROS TOO!

Nikki said...

So glad your water is back on... I would've lost my cool a bit earlier though.
I like the colour of your skinny green wall. Did you make the family thing?
Your new tv fits perfect. We have 2 of our tv's mounted on the wall, high enough that the kids couldn't touch it when they were really small.
It's after lunch on Friday here... the kids have a 5 day weekend, not sure what were going to do?
Hope you have a good weekend.

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