Dilemma Solved...for Now

So that Monday came.  
With my SIL's help, I ordered my phone.
This is what I went with in the end:
the Samsung Solstice.
And it's finally here & hooked up!

It's taking some getting-used-to, but very promising...
  • Multi-tap for texts if I want. 
  • Only a Qwerty keyboard when I hold it horizontally.
  • If I so choose, texts can be penned using my own handwriting.
  • Like an old Palm Pilot.
  • No slider, hurrah!
  • It's so anorexic, I almost forget I'm holding it.
  • If I want to mute a call or snooze an alarm I just flip it over, which.is.awesome.
  • Touch-screen, but no mega-extra bells & whistles I didn't want in the iPhone.
  • Sleek in black.  Definitely smitten with how chic it is.
  • Plus, the camera's better than what I had.
  • And it was exponentially more affordable than the Mythic I'd been eying.
All I need now is to learn my way around it's space-aged-ness and we're good!


Chels said...

Dude. I totally have this phone. The only thing that drives me insane is that T9 on texting. It comes up with the most random stupid words, and it drives me nuts. But other than that I totally am a fan! Make sure to get an Invisishield or something on it. I totally didn't, and my screen is scratched now. Boo.

LKP said...

i DID get an invisishield. had an old palm pilot that happened to come with them back in the day. good thing or that palm woulda been un-resellable! saved my little palm's life!
i wouldn't have know anything about them otherwise. =)
glad you like it too. has taken me a bit to figure out how to make the speakerphone work in a call, but i mastered that like 10 minutes ago! woot woot!

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