There Might Be Something Wrong with Me

I've suedo-organized my desky situation (since my actual office is not yet ready & available for all my junk)....meaning most of the piled heap of a 6 ft craft table & the boxes of chaos are somewhat less so, and have order...more so.
((No before's on this one, as all evidence of its previous state has been burned.))
((Yes, that IS the rifle from the Pepe LePew assassination the other night.)

I'm sort of infatuated with my smurf toes.

For the past 3 days I've only wanted to eat dill pickles, cheese, pepperoni & drink water.
((Hip hip hooray for gluten-free Turkey Pepperoni!!!))

I've consumed 2 1/2 seasons of Hannah Montana on Instant Netflix thus far this week.

Should I be concerned?

See a doctor?

Join some sort of a 12-step program?


Chels said...

Haha! Holy games, Batman! Way to organize! Hannah Montana drives me absolutely, certifiably crazy. Just saying.

ericksons said...

love the toes...and the organization. and there's nothing wrong with pickles, pepperoni, and cheese. Maybe I'll try it...sounds good.

Garden of Egan said...

I think you are totally normal.
I'd leave out the pepperoni though, gives me heartburn. But NO the toes are cute, pickles are yummy, organization is good....you're fine.

Nikki said...

Wow, you have alot of board games.
I love getting things organised around the house... makes me happy :)
Love the blue toes.
Pickles, pepperoni and cheese... yummmmm...might have to go to the shops and buy some.
Hannah Montana is a favourite in house... the kids love it and I often sit down and watch it with them.
I don't think you need to see a doctor.... sounds like you've had a good week!
It's Friday morning and I've got so much to do.... the girls have their mid year dance concert tomorrow night.... better go do things on my to do list... c ya :)

Cherie said...

Are you pregnant???

Love the toes!! ha Ha

LKP said...

lol. nope definitely not pregnant. =)

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