...we're Dy-no-mite!

So this is where we slept last night...in our own yard.

Was like an OVEN!!!!

This is what we played on before going to bed.  (Hee hee, pretty sure the neighbors hate us, but....I don't care.  Lol.  Kinda nice being "agriculturally zoned" and no one can say a thing about dust we stir up, big machines, or noise at any time of the night.  But me relishing in that fact is probably just because I'm ornery.  I guess if the shoe fits....)

Trenched from our existing sprinkler line (said sprinkler is turning into a valve to control new sprinklers that will extend further south, down the pasture...much more effective watering approach we think), up the hill to next to the dog kennel.

Notice Mr LKP's fave toy?  Notice my sad, pathetic, displaced fire ring blocks in a pile?

Poor fire ring....needs his new home fast!  (Don't cry little blocks, soon we will have you happily located elsewhere on the property to bring endless hours of delight to many.)

This is the new-to-us yard hydrant Mr LKP put in...

...attached to that water line (in the big, ominous trench) down to the pasture.  Will be nice to have more accessible water near the dogs....and eventually the future chicken coop/hen house that won't be too far from here.  (Promise, the chickens WILL be safe from the dogs.  We're hatching a fool-proof masterplan to ensure their utmost safety...think "Despicable Me-style."  lol.)

Not sure if the dogs were most excited because so much was happening so close to "home" for them....

...or wanting to also be admitted into the tent with the rest of us family...

...or about the skunk Mr LKP shot last night!
(Don't worry, no pix of THAT one.   Since he shot it from halfway across the property....and yes it still smelled....and it would've been the death of us to get close enough for the picture!)

Ooh!  And I almost forgot, that while we were gluing the mega-PVC-pipeline along, we witnessed something only from the good old days of "Animal Kingdom," just past the edge of our property.  We heard what sounded like a kid yelling "dad!  dad!"  Turned out it was a baby deer.  Just then we saw a gray coyote popping up outta the weeds every so often.  The mom in me & her heart went into overdrive (weird, sooooo not my kid yet I was ready to protect it...huh).  Just then the mama deer bolted past the coyote, and the coyote followed after her.  We were still on pins & needles cause we enjoy seeing this doe & her fawn frequent our land.  Then tearing across the lower access road of our place, the little fawn bolted past our property & into the safety of the nearby orchard.  Soooo crazy.  We were apparently still amp'd....so when we spotted the skunk on our land, we'd done had enough of the pests.  Hence Mr LKP's quick grab n' shoot.  Gotta tell ya, he's a pretty good shot!  What a man.  =)

Have a great Sabbath everyone!


Nikki said...

My husband is still out playing in the backhoe... he's destroying our yard! It looked better before he started, lol! Last week he accidently dug up the water pipes... spent the rest of the day fixing it.
Camping in your backyard... what a good idea! Might do that when it warms up.

Cherie said...

Holy cow you guys have got alot of animals running around your property skunks (dead ones), deer, coyotes, dogs, you guys are turning into a zoo!
Your little dog in the wading pool looks so cute and so happy I can almost see him smiling!!

Why on earth are you camping in the backyard? You are one crazy chick - didn't you just do like 4 weeks of campouts - You crack me up!!

Oh my I love visiting you over here on the Gusty Ridge - I never know what I am going to find!!

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