Man on a Tractor with a Dog in a Field

So THIS is what I found Farmer LKP out doing tonight. 
Not working, mind you, since it's the Sabbath.
I think he's mostly just getting a tractor's lay-of-the-land and dreaming about what'll someday be growing here...or pooping here.  (Doesn't that photo just remind you of Rodney Atkins' song, "A Man on a Tractor" ...I can just hear him singin' it...only about MY man on a tractor with TWO dogs in a field.)
Funny story about this.  Last time he was out tinkering around on the old tractor, he came in the house, scooped me up in his arms and said, "Thank you for letting me buy 7 acres!"  Then gave me a smooch and dashed right back out to his haven.
I'll admit, he straight swept me off my feet yet again in that moment.  He's definitely the man of my dreams!
(You can't read his shirt here, but it says "Handsome is a HUGE Understatement")
Amazing what a little dirt'll do to a country boy like Mr LKP.

Which brings me to another point.  Mr LKP declared last night, while we were framing up the new double-dog house, that he needs a new moniker.  "Mr LKP sounds a little soft," he said.  I explained that since I was LKP, it only made sense that he be referred to as "Mr LKP."  He doesn't think that's sound logic.  So I said I'd take it to the blog for a new name.  He remarked, "Something that packs a punch.  I mean Pioneer Woman has Marlboro Man.  I need something manlier...like Silver Bullet or something."  I did hold back a knee-slap & a holler, and only snickered a little in front of him.
But true to my word, here we are.  Mr LKP needs a new nickname, something he can be proud of.  Something that,
if he DID drink and WERE to saunter into a saloon, people
would flee before his presence/gaze all the while gasping  
"Oh no!  It's...."  Now, you fill in the blank.
(I mean, really, what does this face say to you?!)
 Thanks.  Love ya.  Mean it.
(...King Tuffy's doing much, much better by the way.  Thanks for asking.  
Told ya it'd only be a day or two of a breather, sheesh!)


annie valentine said...

Tell him Silver Bullet has my vote.

LKP said...

thanks for the silver bullet vote. =)
told my husband, which was followed by some violent rolling of his eyes. seriously, wasn't sure if he was disappointed that i'd ACTUALLY blogged about the new moniker search or if he was having a seizure! i said, "what? i'm a blogger. that's what we do. we blog about everything. and when i say i'm gonna blog about it, i'm gonna blog it in a BIG WAY!" i showed him the post. he laughed and said i wasn't allowed to take pictures of him when he didn't know it. and with that i put him in a half-nelson until he cried uncle. ...ok, well, in my mind i did. and it was perfect. and not a hair on my head fell out of place. i looked SO awesome!...in my mind of course...

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to find that "handsome is a HUGE understatement" t shirt everywhere! i thought i remembered the brand being Tennessee Station or something like that .. .but can't find it anywhere. any hints?

LKP said...

i want to say we got it at either target or, horror of horrors to admit, walmart. maybe 7 bucks...i'll have to ask him if he remembers for sure. =) great shirt. i want to say we got it at the same day he got his twitter-bashing shirt. have you seen that one? has the blue little twitter bird with a speech bubble that says "nobody cares!" no offense to those who twitter, it's just hilarious cause that's TOTALLY his personality! =)

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