Hail, the Conquering Hero!

Took this:
...and this...
...and this...
to THIS:

Woot woot!
Certain to be a superhero in my husband's eyes when he sees!


Garden of Egan said...

When you are done there I want you at my house. I would sing your praises I promise!!!!!!!!

Can you see the end yet?
Is it warm yet?

It's a whopping 55 degrees today here in the burg.
whoo hooo

Are ya gonna plant some apple trees?
I think you should do the Ginger Gold. I love that story. (Jason Wright Cross Keeper)

Garden of Egan said...

WOOOOO my verification word on my previous post was:

Ya baby, I'm your cheerleader!

Go girl, give me a U N P A C K E D

What does it spell????????????
Happy Ding DONG

LKP said...

if i can find my poms i'll send em to you. =)
we're right about the same on temps. looks like a brisk 58 so far today.
stay out of trouble....and remember your patients NEED YOU!
p.s. how long have you been an ER nurse there? i've been looking at more & more of these cbc pix of you and i'm thinking i may have met you on a couple of occasions. do you remember joe sloan?

Ronnica said...

I love organized closets!

jen said...

Don't you love how it feels to get something ORGANIZED? It's definitely my drug of choice. I'm proud of you, new place, new organizing challenges!
And thanks for your comment on my blog today. It was good to hear from someone who knows a little more about the oil industry. BP's getting skewered and I don't think they deserve it.

Lula Lola said...

I have to say, I'm jealous. I spend the better part of my life looking for two shoes that match! Impressive!

Nikki said...

I feel the need to get off the computer and organise my shoes... thanks :)

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