Time Marches On...

...no matter HOW much I drag my feet.  ::pouting::

Mini-Me has wrapped up her track season.  Not too shabby.  Her last meet still yielded improvements, so we consider it a successful season.  And really her LAST meet was supposed to be last night, but due to the Wizard of Oz winds we've been having, it was canceled.  As it is too late in the season to reschedule, that was it.  Kinda anti-climactic.
Oh well, their team pizza party is tomorrow, so she's not sad in the least!  Lol.  Her transfer to the new school was seamless.  She started there immediately after Spring Break.  Her old school said she could still compete with their track team since her new school doesn't offer the sport at the middle school level.  That was one of the best things for her.  She's had so much LESS insecurity than she could have had because she was starting something new, but still was connected to her old friends.  Perfect.  Didn't realize how much so until the other day.
Truly, this was all Heavenly Father's orchestration. 
(I'll do a post of track pictures later, since my camera is currently in Mr LKP's jeep at work!)

Also, by popular demand (hey, Tauna IS popular, so it counts), here are pictures of the new house.  They're the best I've got since they were for our insurance purposes.  They don't show EVERY thing.  But at least it's a start.  On the ranch name front, jury's still out.  "LatchKey Ranch" is still close to my heart, but every time I say it out-loud it feels like there's a syllable missing.  Long story behind this one, but "Cloud Maker Ranch" was mentioned the other day.  Has a fun ring to it, but I'm still not sure.  (OK, the long story has to do with my friend, Elise.  Based on a story from her childhood regarding the area we're moving to.  That's all.  I won't discuss it further, cause she might get embarrassed.  And it is hilarious to us, but maybe not as hilarious to others.  So I won't waste it.  You want it?  You gotta email me!)  I've even considered going with what I've been referring to it as lately, "Lil' Ranch O' Heaven" but that seems long.  Chunk O' Heaven Ranch?  The word chunk does two things to me, 1) makes me hungry for chunk o' chocolate cookies, and 2) reminds me of Chunk from The Goonies & his Truffle Shuffle dance outside Mikey's house!

So, I'm thinking anything "chunk" is out! 

Without further ado, here are those pictures of our soon-to-be ranch (which for the time being, remains nameless):

house north side & deck
The Cute Little House & The AWESOME Deck!!!
house south side & deck

shed back & west side
The Shed (aka My Office)
shed front

pump house front
The Pump House


Garden of Egan said...

Breath-taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like a piece of heaven.
NO NEIGHBORS! (I'm sorta antisocial)

Beautiful scenery too!
I'm so excited for you.

Are ya gonna plant a garden?
Apple trees?
Get a cow and chickens?

You can put me up in the Mother-in-law house (AKA your office)

Love it!!!!

Cherie said...

The "Chunk" thing had me rolling, especially with your Goony guy picture. So funny! But you are right it would make me hungry to.

Oh the house so cute and the space is so wide open! You guys are going to make great memories!! So exciting for sure!!!!!!!!

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