Whatta Crock!

Guess what Mr LKP gave me for Easter (yes, a day early)?!
THIS yummy Le Creuset Honey Crock with silicone honey dipper!

The sitch is, with my allergies, I'm using A LOT more sweetener alternatives in the kitchen, considering I can't have corn syrup (which, like soy, is in EVERYTHING).  So my dear old honey bear was emptied, and I now have a 5 gallon bucket of honey I'm using out of our food storage.  Issue with that is that it's MUCH more difficult to tote the bucket out for a teaspoon or a tablespoon at a time.

What makes his gift even sweeter is that he traveled ALL OVER the TC's area ALL DAY today searching for just the right one.

All growing up we had one and WE called it our honey crock, and it was ceramic...try telling that to any of the kitchen supply stores here and they think you're speaking Greek.  Plus, once they get that you're referring to what they call a "honey jar" then they want to sell ya a new-fangled, clear glass jar with rubber stoppers & seals, etc.  NOT what I wanted.  I want classic.  Familiar.  Something my grandmother & great-grandmothers could easily identify if they were here.
So, Mr LKP done good. 
I want to HUG it! 
Instead I'll just keep hugging him. 

Mmmmmm....perfectly yummy.  =)

He also gave me one of those lovely jar-style beverage dispensers that holds 3 gallons.  The chic punch bowl we received when we got married has bit the dust since 8 years ago. Who needs a punch bowl now?!  ;)

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Garden of Egan said...

Mr. LKP is awesome!
You deserve sweetness!

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