It's here folks.
Only 1 week until our ward's massive day of service, and I'm getting SO excited for it!  Will be so nice to share an industrious day with our ward family members, helping other ward family members.  Therefore, clear your schedule so you & all your kids can come pitch in!
Besides, we'll take ANY reason to get together & BBQ!


Natalie said...

Hey girl, your activity sounds fun wish I could be there! Thanks for calling me back the other day, I guess my sister found someone that same day that I called you, sad, I think you would have done a better job, oh well, I still love you. KISSES :o

Garden of Egan said...

I wish I lived in Pasco.
I think you would be a riot. Maybe we would be VT companions and I could get a good dose of you every month.

Cherie said...

Oh Man! I cannot believe you have stolen my fake VT companion! That's right she used to want to be my VT companion and now - You are just way more fun!! Ha Ha :D

Where have I been? Just so you know I like honey-pots AND Winnie The Pooh and I am enjoying seeing a little more green around here - it's still way too cold though - Bbbbbrrrrr
OK All caught up? Not hardly I know but Love Ya anyway!!

OK just so you know our Service Day - Yeah the idea I stole from you - We are scheduled to do this May 1st and I cannot wait!! Whoo Hooo!!
I am totally ripping off this flyer you have here in your post and putting my wards name on it. Thanks for doing all the work for me! I need a break - I am anemic you know (hee hee - seriously but....that has not stopped me!).
Right now I am suffering from a severe lack of sleep - can you tell? I also have 6 teens and young adults currently invading my home - they are fun but crazy and I am exhausted.
So instead of going to bed I am on your blog here commenting and giving you a little crap and stealing your stuff.

Have a GREAT Sunday!! You are the bomb.com!!

P.S. Hope the new house stuff is going good :D

LKP said...

@nat: it's all good. i love to shoot whenever, but if she's found someone that has worked out for her big day, then awesome! =) wish you were back here in the TC's whether for our activity or not. i'll be up there briefly with my friend cherie in october. we should snag lunch. would be loverly!
@tauna: we'd have a blast as VT companions. though apparently i have to share you with cherie. heehee, that sounds so funny. but if you think about it, the 3 of us as VTer's would totally kick! but VT companions or not, if we lived near each other again, it'd be non-stop fun all the time, not just once a month!

Valerie said...

That is so cute. We're having a service day to clean the chapel, but don't have any fun theme. :) Or a BBQ actually.

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