Whatever is in these would make people a fortune if it could be bottled & sold as a face cream....but seriously, what's our body doing with it all on the INSIDE for 3+ years?

Thanks to this amazing woman & this other fabulous woman for sharing this video link with the rest of us! 
I don't really think I'm missing out anymore since I can't eat anything there!  Used to be rough, now I'm grateful for my allergies.  =)


Cherie said...

First because quite frankly I am way cooler than Tauna and some of us have to work!

Cherie said...

Tauna loookie lookie I am first!! Neener Neener Neener!!

Cherie said...

Oh sorry Keely - Tauna and I are having a comment war today because it's fun and we are weird and we don't act our age.

Now I will really comment!

Cherie said...

Ok this is the sickest thing ever (Tauna had this for lunch yesterday - just sayin' - snicker)
but I have to say that I don't agree that it stays in our body.
I mean we chew it and then it goes to our stomach and we expel it - Like when your kid eats a penny of something, it eventually comes out in the poop. So I think if this is Not real food that it would kind of do the same thing.
It is unhealthy, it has no nutritional value but it doesn't actually stay in our body any worse than any other fatty, cholesterol filled substance does.
Have you ever watched that show "Super Size Me" - That's a good one too. It'll really gross you out!
I think anyway you look at it - refined foods and hydrogenated oils are in everything - we just need to stay away from all processed foods...except Cheesecake!! :D

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