Can We Say Screaming Success?!

It came.
It went.
We Conquered!

Our Extreme Makeover: Service Edition went off, dare I say, without a hitch. Flippin' sweet, and completely awesome. Does that mean there weren't things that I feel I should've arranged more perfectly? No. Not at all. There were still so many details I wanted to "defuzz" for our service teams, but really there isn't enough time...ever.

A wise woman once said that we must serve those "who we teach in a very real way." It's one of my favorite ideas right now. Ok, so let's cut the fluff, and get real with our ward family. Today we did just that.

Despite there also being a Scout Camporee (meaning many of our Priesthood fellas weren't able to participate), the volunteer turnout was fantastic!  A tree stump was hacked away with a chainsaw in one assignment. Another disabled member received a big hand in raking through his backyard, and cleaning up a lot that was burdening him with his health. Another member had her roof repaired & a troublesome wall knocked out (my hubby plans to finish it this week with a little sheet rock, a couple corners, & some mud). More members had their windows washed, cars washed, bothersome trees removed, and much much more. It was awesome how much was accomplished, how many great volunteers pitched in, how many grateful hearts there were, how many friendships were strengthened, and how many beautiful smiles...handshakes...hugs...and oodles of laughter came about through this activity. We were even joined by members of our ward whom we haven't seen in a while. It was marvelous!

Once the service was given & all wrapped up, then came our celebration BBQ at the park. People had definitely worked up their appetites, no lie. Which was perfect since there was plenty of food! We had some great members manning the grills, and a bonus grill one of the Elders graciously provided & worked for us. Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Polish & Bratwurst sausages-Oh My! (Thanks again Iverson family for the meat, not to mention the rest of the volunteers for your side-dishes!!!!) Everyone ate until they were full, and then lingered for some well-deserved visiting in the warm sunshine, time on the playground toys, and even some basketball. I really was grateful for the opportunity to witness the charitable spirits we have in our ward, not to mention everyone truly valuing & enjoying one another's company along the way. I ADORE being the fly on the wall when the opportunity arises. Great day. Great people!

We heard non-stop chatter about how the activity turned out. Even got a declaration from the Bishop that he thought perhaps it should become a ward tradition! Absolutely made my week to see it all come together. Such a fab note to start Spring 2010 off on!

All that said, I came home & shot out info for our next ward activity to some lovely ward bulletin ladies about the upcoming vintage prom.

Now I'm EXHAUSTED. Stick a fork in me, I'm done (well, for another month anyhow.  Then it's more "Go Time!"). So, have a lovely Sabbath, relish in your wards & families, and enjoy the images from our Extreme Makeover: Service Edition.


Cherie said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy that it turned out so well for your Ward. I had never a doubt that it would be Fabulous...just like you Ms. Keely!!!!
You guys had such a variety of service items that needed to be done - I love that a stump was pulled out of the ground!!
Way to go woman!!!! I hope you get, what I am sure is much needed rest today!!!
Give yourself a huge pat on the back - you rocked it!!!!

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like it was a blast Keely! What a great way for a ward to come together!
You have such fabulous ideas!
You need to be careful and maybe sorta lower your standards a little or we'll be hearing something in General Conference that sounds like:
"Keely DinDong for the General Activities President for Life" calling!!!!

Valerie said...

How great that there was a big turnout (service projects don't seem to attract many people in our ward) and that all your hard work made it awesome. Sounds like a lot of people were helped and everyone had a good time.

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