My Apologies

...to all my volleyball gals:

I am so sorry for the other night.
The delirium that ensued due to no sleep in 48 hours
was too much to put you all through.
I'll do my best to get more sleep, and refrain
from further gymnastic routines across the gym
& handstand push-ups against the wall.
I will try to grow-up more.
After all, high-quality volleyball is what we're all there for.

I'm not making any guarantees or promises,
except that I will try harder for you....though I cannot be held responsible for what happens when Crazy Frog's "Axel F" or either of the soundtracks from Madagascar 1 or 2 gets played....
Just sayin', play them at your own risk!


Heidi D said...

Hand-stand push ups? Awesome. :))

Cherie said...

LOL!! I would have loved to see that. MS. Energy running around and jumping off the walls with no sleep under her belt! Ha ha Ha makes me laugh!!

I am SO excited you are coming my way. Did you get my e-mail!!

LKP said...

betcha CAN'T wait until october. perhaps birthday weekend will yield no sleep either!!! ha h aha ha ha....

ericksons said...

Sounds like you had a fun night. :O)

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