It's Official...

(Look at these adorable freckles!!!  I love them.)
Mini-Me has decided to become the latest & greatest track star to come out of all 3 of our families' gene pools!  Sore and achy tonight as they spent a lot of time conditioning today at her first track practice.  The poor girl's pooped!  Nothing like the smell of spring sports this time of year, lol.


Cherie said...

She is super adorable! I think freckles are so cute- We do not have enough in our family!
I was just wondering since she is Mini-you does she make that sideways face you have over on the right side of your blog - LOL - I just love that one. I think you should take a mother/daughter picture of you both doing that (giggle)!!

Track is SO fun and I am always amazed at how fast the kids can run and all they can do. Good for Mini-Me!

Heidi D said...

Yay track! Go Daisy Go!

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