Gone Spuddin': Take Two

We're again heading back to Idaho.  Not quite as east as we'd like, but we're off to see our dear friends, the Brennans in Boise.  They were our besties while we lived in Idaho.  We shared a common wall between our apartments and a deep love for board/card games! 
I mentioned them before as they were another Sunday Game Night family (and the Eatons, too).
So they moved to SLC for his med school & we moved back to Eastern Washington to carry on with life near our extended families. 
We've seen them only a couple of times since they moved.
So why Boise?  Well they're up for 3 weeks of rotations/rounds towards his residency or something like that for med school.  So, they're kinda meeting us halfway.  Should be the best.  Board games.  Big laughs.  Spending time catching up.  And hopefully, finally getting to see Cherie in person!
Keep your fingers crossed for us that all's well while we're gone. 
We'll miss everybody at church on Sunday, but we should be recharged & ready to go just in time for the "Dinner & a Show" shindig next Saturday!
In parting, allow us to leave you with images of others whom we will miss dearly while we are away:  Hula & Tuffy.  (I'd list Linus, but I haven't any good pictures of him, he's still to much of a pup & can't slow down for me long enough for a picture.)

Hula-I love these pictures of her.  I so cannot pose her for these.  This is all her & how I find her from time to time.

Tuffy-He's everything a cat should be.  Independent.  So expressive when it comes to his ears, chin, tongue, & tail.  Wants to wrestle/snuggle when HE feels like it.  My best friend whenever I take a bubble bath.  He stays perched on the edge of the tub!  Funniest guy.  Too cuddly cute.


Garden of Egan said...

Have a blast! Drive careful. I understand Boise is very warm right now too .... as opposed to Rexburg.

Garden of Egan said...

Oh, also. If you were in the 15th Ward while you were here, you shared our building. (The one by the Kirkham)
Maybe I ran in to you! Trippy.

Heidi D said...

Have a great time! I wish I could go to Salt Lake, or anywhere really. :)

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