Dinner and a Show: The Slide-Show

So my friend was our photographer for the evening.  Sorry it took a bit to locate my camera though so this could be uploaded.  The lighting wasn't perfect, but your get the point.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was so much fun, you're ALL superstars!!!


ericksons said...

Keely! You make me laugh. Thanks for all your comments. It brightens my day when I read what little tid bits and support you send my way. I also wanted to let you know that our grandkid luncheon is still going to happen. It just got postponed a couple of months. Try 3 months! At east it will still happen this year. :) I love to hear about all of your cool ward activities. I'll have to pass this one along. Jason's in the Elder's quorum, maybe they can have one for an Elder's Quorum party. I did not win the box of awesome. So bummed!

Garden of Egan said...

Holy crap that's awesome! I think you are awesome to have pulled something like this off.
Looks like there was a ton of fun going on.

Cherie said...

Ok Ok I just needed to be a little patient right? Ha Ha Look at all these great pictures and you even made a slide show!!
Everyone looks so dang cute and it looks so fun to be dressed up and really getting into it!
Congrats on such a great activity - So Fun!! Just like you!!
P.S. That little stage is cool. We don't have a stage in our little building so when we need one we do an activity at the Stake center but a stage like that would be perfection!!

Cherie said...

OK seriously my word verification on that last comment was "restheth" ha ha ha - You saw my post today - if that was in a fortune cookie I would have peed my pants!!!!

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