Hair...the Updated Update

So, yeah. 
Loved what Wendy did for me.
Still wasn't in love with my darker shade mistake.

Took matters into my own hands yet again.
This time, success. 

Just a few highlights have got me feeling like me again.

All better. 


Cherie said...

Keely you are gorgeous darling! ha ha
I love your hair both ways :D

I personally would look hideous as a blond. I tried it once - on accident - long story - and I looked like a hooker and a granny hooker at that! ha ha

The Garden of Egan said...

Love that look even better! You are so dang cute!
And Cherie can't look like a granny hooker...she ain't a granny!

ericksons said...

like it a lot. Not that I didn't before, but this seems just perfect. Good choice.

Heidi D said...

OK, your hair, one word, FABULOUS!!! It is so cute and perfect on every level. I think I might get something similar for myself.

Amy J. said...

That looks great! You did that yourself!! Love it!

Anderson said, "that looks like Bro. Romm's wife." So I guess that is how you are known to the young men in the ward...:)

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