Tying the Spirit of Giving All Together!

So, Tuffy's nailed it.  This is what I currently feel like...

Have been exhausted all day (not sleeping much lately with all sorts of stuff to accomplish).  Due to my exhaustion, Miss Daisy has volunteered to help me finish up the last of my wrapping with some great tutorial tidbits from me.  What a great kid!  Together we've pretty much got it licked.  Picked just the right papers (some are even brown paper packages tied up with string!  Others are a bit more colorful & festive.), she even coordinated her bow orders just right, so that my hand-made bows match perfectly!  What a great kid with great taste!  Some of the gifts are for her Dad & his family.  She asked for the most grandiose bow I could muster for her dad--->No prob!!!  (He's a good guy, so its easy to do something nice for him & even easier when Daisy makes such a great request.)

So, when it was time for Daisy's Grandma Debbie, she was feeling brave enough to make an attempt at her very own hand-made bow! WOO-HOO!!! A little tutelage here & there and SHE WAS OFF!!!

I'd say she's a chip of the ol' block.  ::tear::  I'm soooo proud!  ;)


The Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful packages!!! I love the bows. Mine look rather anemic.
Looks like you are conquering it all!

Anonymous said...

i think you should totally teach me how to do that sometime. they look so pretty! i miss you guys a lot!

all my love to you this christmas,


Heidi D said...

Love. :)

So, I'm now free. I don't really have anymore obligations this week. I just have to visit my Grandma and I want to go to the temple.

So, if you want to hang out or anything let me know. I don't have your number. My email is jhdecoursey@gmail.com

Let me know! : ))

Lisa Loo said...

Christmas gifts are supposed to have bows??!! Dang! No one ever tells me these things!!


They are very beautiful and so is your daughter. I love it when people enjoy the wrapping as much as the opening!

I WISH I could relax like your cat---I would actually get some real sleep for once!!

Happy Holidays!

Amy J. said...

Now that is some serious bow making skills!

Thanks again for the laughs...Calvin and Hobbes is a favorite here in our home!

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