Snow Much Fun, MUST SHARE!

In keeping with my winter sense of humor & affinity for snowmen comedy (juvenile, I know and I LOVE it!), my friend Ann sent these to me.  She knows I've quite the thing for not only the Peanuts gang, but also a soft spot for Calvin & Hobbes.  So if you missed this and this (or loved both and can't get enough like me), here you go!

Merry Christmas this week.  Relax, soak it all in, and ENJOY your holiday! 
Love ya.  Mean it.


The Garden of Egan said...

I can so relate with a naughty little boy!

Hope you have a great Christmas week.

Lisa Loo said...

Hey you!! Thanx for missing me! I absolutely ADORE Calvin & Hobbes. He speaks to my soul--the one that got squashed in an attempt to "be like everyone else". I think his snowmen are my favorite tho--what a happy hoot!

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