The Next Generation...It's Electric!

Pardon the obvious borrow from Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth," however it was 80s & 90s Central here @ Rommapalooza Friday night!  Started 1 week prior while Daisy's friend Marinda was over for the day.  We had stopped by McD's for the girls to grab a treat and there was good old 80s-90s bubblegum pop pumping over the speakers (ala Kidz Bop-esque).  The girls were quite entertained as both Seth & I sang EVERY word (ok, slightly entertained, partly annoyed, and COMPLETELY embarassed). It was soooo rad! 

Now, I'm sure every mom has done this by now, I was just the last to join the club, as suddenly spewing from me was all these "when we were kids, we used to..." reminiscences.  Cool thing was the girls were intrigued, and we joked that we should have an 80s/90s night where we could relive a bunch of the fun from back then (ya know, Razzles, Pop Rocks, Swatch, Slouch socks, Crimpers...?)...within minutes, one thing led to another & before we knew it a party had been planned for Friday night.
A bunch of her gal pals from church came, and so, from 6-10pm Friday night, our home was filled with crazy outfits, side-ponytails, giggles, as well as every sugary treat known to have come out of the 80s including Orange, Grape, & Strawberry CRUSH soda pop!  What 80s shindig would be complete without "Pizza Pizza" from Little Caesar's?  The hours were spent grooving to a "mixed tape" (OK, mixed CD) of Debbie Gibson, Toni Basil, the Bangles, Tiffany, Billy Joel, Chris DeBurgh, Dee-Lite, classic MJ, Belinda Carlisle/the Go Gos, Banana Rama, Suzanne Vega, Taylor Dayne, & Bon Jovi, amid others.  We also watched old Alvin & The Chipmunks (& Chipettes) cartoons, the Smurfs, and "Labyrinth" with David Bowie!  While grubbing & watching, nails were painted in boss neon colors & dark blues or blacks (for those feeling Depeche Mode more so).  So, all that being told, we had the most fab time together.  For being Daisy's first party (other than birthday parties) it turned out awesome!

Here's a sampling of the the fun (before the girls ravaged the table):

Tubular Teens/Tweens!
Movie Time!!!!
(K, I have always been in love with her ballgown from this flick!)

 Saturday afternoon, when Seth returned from the scout camp out, he said the house smelled like a nail salon & Twinkies!
  Sad to see the party end, but glad to see them leaving with smiles & loads of sugar to 
take with them! 

Just SOME of the aftermath 
(was totally worth it though)!
Thanks girls (and parents) for a bodacious time!


Cherie said...

Ha Ha Isn't it so fun when they become teenagers and all of a sudden all your teenage things come back to haunt you. Embarrasing the kids is THE BEST!! Way to go!
The party looked like it was a total hit - You should pat yourself on the back.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

You are the most AWESOMEST mom ever! I bet you had the best time putting that together too huh? I know that I would. :))

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