Mothering Alert!

WARNING: I'm posting this as a heads up to moms of preteen-teenage girls (I guess boys too, so we know what we're dealing with).
Couple months ago I was catching up with my friend Kelsey, and we were talking about what this world is coming to, as well as our fears for our kids & their generation. Kelsey works with young women ages 12-18 through church, and she shared with me some of the illicit things these girls' peers are doing...beit at prom, at parties, and in their spare time in general. Some of the stuff I heard shocked me, but I thought "Yeah, high school kids were on thin ice when I was that age. I can only imagine that's its gotten worse." However I NEVER expected these were things I should be concerned about NOW with Daisy & her peers since she's 12. Figured I had more time to prep for our family's toe-to-toe battle with the foe of immorality. To have a better idea what I mean, read here. Be warned, it doesn't go into play-by-play details, but it IS shocking. I post this to help all of us moms recognize what are kids are up against the moment they are out of our sight! Hold your kids close, hug them tight, and teach them well. Its the most important responsibility we have as mothers.

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Cherie said...

It is amazing what is out there. What the girls know about and what they are exposed to. It is seriously disturbing as your link shows.
I think this is why it is important for moms to talk about it with their daughters and for leaders at church to be strong and excellent examples.
It is a scary world.

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