Since moving back from Eastern Idaho, I have missed a particular thing MOST especially...the selection of uplifting music readily available at any given time. BYU-I has 2 radio stations (1 is NPR---which features broadcasts of devotionals & General Conference, THE best jazz for dancing in the kitchen dates on Fridays & Saturdays, and at lunchtime some awesome show tunes from the best musicals ever on stage; the 2nd station was uplifting gospel-centered music, all the time). In addition there is a station of out Idaho Falls which would play great LDS/spiritual music all day, every Sunday (they also featured "Sounds of Sunday" w/ Glenn Rawson). To come from having a larger selection to lift my spirit, to a place completely void of spiritual music aside from K-LOVE (don't get me wrong, K-LOVE's what I listen to since that's all there is here---and its good, but I just need more than good), let's just say I've felt like something's missing.
So, imagine my surprise & elation to find the new "Mormon Channel" announced at LDS.org! It's "the Church’s new 24-hour-a-day audio station featuring gospel-oriented programs, music, interviews, and much more. [The station can be accessed] through live Internet streaming, podcasts, and iPhone applications, as well as on HD radio."
Since I'm not SUPER high tech, I just access it through the good old internet which you can also do by clicking on the radio below! Happy listening & fortifying your spiritual defenses!!!

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Cherie said...

That IS great news! I didn't know about this. Cool!

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