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Conference & LemonAIDE last night was fantastic! Special thanks again to Sister Simmons for opening her home for the evening! TWO talks were actually covered, which was a lot of fun & VERY helpful. The assigned talk was "Temple Worship: The Source of Strength and Power in Times of Need" by Elder Richard G. Scott. It was sooo timely & pertinent for everything we are all facing at this time. In addition, we went through "Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples" by Elder Gary E. Stevenson. The two talks melded together so well, and provided a great opportunity to reflect on how we can better focus on the importance of the Holy Temple in our lives & Home.
Think about it, if our home is not "Temple-Like" then how can we honor our covenants? Really, we MAKE sacred covenants in the Temple, however, we KEEP our covenants in the home. GREAT stuff!!! ...Definitely got the wheels turnin' in my mind.

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Amy J. said...

I really need to make it to one of your amazing evenings. It sounds like just what I need! Have you read Pres. Uchdorf's article on being a woman in September's Ensign...loved it.

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