Perfect Day on the Horizon

Soooo proud of this...and kinda sad at the same time! It's no secret, our Daisy's growing like a weed & turns 12 this Saturday. Holy goodness is right!!! She spent last week at Girls Camp (and adored soaking up EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE THERE!!!), and Sunday was her last Primary talk, not to mention her last Sunday IN Primary, period! Cherry on top? Our sweet little tomboy (who's deathly afraid of needles & pain) declared to us last night that, now that she's at the proper age per our family rules, and of course after lots of thought, she's decided she wants her ears pierced! For years she's not been interested in the least (and we'd been crossing our fingers that she would STAY disinterested, ya know? Less hassle...lol Hopefully even with pierced ears she won't go uber prissy!). So, yep-Seth's first gray hairs just showed up, and I am officially skipping gray and jumping to bald straightaway (it's in my genes! Besides, wigs are fun in so many ways, right?). To top off the obvious signs of her growing up, she's a busy little lady this summer. With Girls Camp checked off the list, she's still got Volleyball camp mid-July, and she's starting to babysit (with supervision at first of course---oh, but you should've seen the pure glee in her eyes the other night when she got her FIRST BABYSITTING money!!! Oh, the Places She'll Go, lol). With all the growing up, we decided to take a different approach to her birthday party. No party. Nope, nada. Just a birthday shindig. Nothing formal. Just a drop by when you'd like for both family and a few of her friends (no more parties filled with 80 abnormally hormonal, squealing little girls). No planned games, just activities people can do if they like. Really just laid back, hanging out in the yard. No BBQ for the masses, no more pretty perfect birthday cakes with gold inlay & a syndicated cartoon character on it...just yummy dessert...though Mr. LKP wants to make it a kegger! (You read me right, he saw root beer kegs at Fred Meyer the other day, and instantly the hamster wheel in his brain was on overload! (We're talking sparks a-flyin' here!) Lol. Who knows, maybe it'll turn into a Root Beer Float kegger????) We'll see. So how to announce the limited details? ...read on...
Thanks to one of my favorite BRILLIANT blogger friends, and her creative genius that is Whimsy Love, I finally have Daisy's invites for her pals done! So Whimsy spread the word about this cool gadget called Poladroid where you can turn any of your photos into polaroid look-alikes! UBER AWESOME! And really, the random pics of Daisy turned out soooo cool looking (she's quite excited & proud of them), the only problem is finding a way for them to print out and look right without losing the classic polaroid "frame" look via cropping at any of the photo sites or FallMart. Printed some here at home & cut 'em out myself (NOT the same effect AT ALL), but wasn't as stoked with the finished product as I'd have liked, and we are down to the wire by now. So, Daisy gets to run around delivering the hard copies to her friends in case they just wanna drop by. Family instead is getting the invites via email (sounds trashy...but not, really). They're getting a link to the slide show below which was fun as it went with Hoku's song "Perfect Day" which was attached. Extremely appropriate I'd say! Hope you're having a perfect day yourselves!


Jan said...

I thought of her as she was up there in front of Primary, that this was it for her. I was wondering how she was feeling.

She sang us a camp song and we laughed. She had so much fun.

Have a great party.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Happy belated birthday Daisy! My Abbey is going to turn 11 on the 11th. :)

Hope all is well with you.

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