Parkinson Orthodontics Goes the Extra Mile for Your Smile!

Thanks to my friend John Riggs at 95-7 Star FM & 94-9 the Wolf, here's the 5 min video about the practice I work for. Kinda fun stuff. Was a blast to shoot, though I'll stick to radio for my preferred media...but that's just me. Occupational hazard, once a radio DJ, always a radio DJ! =0)


SortaFlowering Designs said...

Ok I have to admit that I only clicked play on the chance that I would get to see YOU in the video hehe, but the video was well done and looks like a really cool place to work! Love U sis, very cool ♥♥♥

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

How cute are you!?! If we move there I'll have to take my kids there. Do they offer gas? Me likely the happy stuff. ;)

Ya, my toe hurt SOOOOOO bad. It's not hurting so much anymore. They whole loosing the toenail thing, um I'm in denial over that. {sheepish grin} I think I'll super glue it on. I appreciate your butt hurting sentiment. Thanks. :)

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