Lovin' Me Some Shelf Reliance!!!

Can't tell ya how many years I've been salivating over these shelfing systems, but I can assure you its been pretty much since their initial launch! They make perfect sense, and life excruiatingly easier when it comes to food storage. So, that being said, you should definitely hop on over to their blog and get in on this awesome giveaway they've got going on called FREE ON FRIDAY! Good luck & all that!


Jeff said...

Jeff and I want those too. :) I don't know where we would put them, but we want them.

Paula said...

I have the big one pictured, and I LOVE IT. It holds so much, and encourages me to buy more food so I can fill it all up. It that thing was totally full, I'd have at least a 3 month supply, I think. My kids like it, too. They fight over who gets to put the grocereis away. Then they rotate the shelf over and over and over.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

That comment is from me Heidi and not Jeff. I am having to go all over the place and fix this little taboo. So, ya, me.

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