If I Don't Say Anything for Five Minutes....Keep Holding Your Breath

J/K, I wouldn't want your next trip to the ER weighing on my conscience. Just a note to say that if I seem quiet the next few weeks, its because I've got a lot on my plate. I might be able to post here & there, but not at the rate I had/have been. Why so busy? Well, like anyone else when summer hits, it feels like someone's slammed my accelerator pedal to the floor and I can't seem to stay still for a second. Also we've got our big Luau coming up for work, and its going to take a lot of attention, kinda like a new puppy only a LITTLE less drool! =) I know it'll be rough (yeah right!) but try to not go into LKP withdrawls, and know that I love ya all! So, in the words of my volleyball princess friend, Mandy, Peace out: P-TOWN! (though she says A-Town, just like Usher, lol.)

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