the "winding-up-of-february" report

February was the month of kindness for me...my attention was on all types, but mostly random acts thereof. It was most humbling to be the recipient of such acts, and most edifying to be the distributor! I know today is the second day of March (no matter, I don't think Heavenly Father will begrudge any spill-over of the effects of my kindness experiment...actually, I would think he'd see that as "Mission: Accomplished"), but my fun & exciting random act was to some unknown old guy at Wal-Mart. I despise the place, but relent when a visit is ABSOLUTELY necessary. This afternoon was one of those ventures, so I came out with my stupid little bag & noticed the old Chevy S-10 next to me had its lights on...no one around or inside it. I'm pretty sure the driver/owner of it was elderly as they had a GARDEN of red VFW poppies across the dashboard. So, I tossed my bag in my rig and approached the truck (kinda nervous, didn't want anyone thinking I was up to no good). Butterflies a-flutterin' I glanced at the lock on the passenger side door & sure enough, BRIGHT ORANGE! Figured the driver's door was unlocked, opened the door and for the first time in my life thanked Heavenly Father for a childhood with a Chevy Astro van cause I knew RIGHT where the lights were on it! No joke, I HATED our van, but was grateful today as I didn't want to linger & draw suspicion. Sharing this with you is not a toot my own horn kinda sharing...it was exciting & I felt good all the way home. They'll never know they left their lights on or that someone did them a favor, but they DO know what its like to have their battery drained probably-and chances are it may have been one too many burdens than they could take today. I do know what it is to be in those shoes, and I'm glad I was able to help spare them of it. So, considering today's adventure can be traced back to my February of Kindness...I'd say my kindness experiment was a success!
Now, as for March? It's my month of refinement. I've searched & searched my soul as to what needs most refining...and the answer is EVERYTHING! I'm too loud. I'm too direct. I'm too dull to the Spirit. I'm too influenced by the world. I'm too caught up in my stresses. One of the most amazing women I've ever met once shared this "Reading the Book of Mormon refines my nature." So that's it! I'm gonna put her simple testimony to work & I'm gonna read the Book of Mormon this month. I found a great read-it-in-40-days program...we shall see if I can escalate it to 30 days. If not though, don't be surprised to get the March wrap-up somewhere mid-April! =0) Hopefully I'll be able to purge out a great deal of my impurities! Even if I'm not perfectly perfect from this experience, I KNOW I cannot come away from it unchanged.

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