A Man on a Tractor NOT a Politician Behind a Desk!

I've got a sister who makes her living thanks to organically farmed goods, several friends who farm a bit of EVERYTHING, friends whose kids raise all sorts of animals & things in order to compete in fairs across the country, and...WE garden our own vegetables. In addition to who we know, WHAT we know is just as important as both my husband & I have been influenced by grandparents & ancestors who've ranched, farmed, gardened & canned their hearts out. Stop and think about it. You are probably in the same boat and know of someone or MANY people who do any number or combination of those very same things. THESE PRACTICES HAVE ENSURED OUR VERY SURVIVAL. So, another HUGE thank you to Jan for shedding more light on the following subject. (...And Jan? the word that was escaping you is COMMUNISM!) HR 875 & S 425 are gateways to communism via governmental control of our food supply. Limitations trickle all the way down from large agricultural companies to a humble vegetable garden used to simply help with the cost of living. Look into HR 875 & S 425 more. GOOGLE them for crumbs' sake! Then visit LeaveMyFoodAlone.Org and sign the petition. Interesting if you think about it, when economical tragedy has struck before in history gardening & farming & ranching is what kept humanity alive & got the world back on their feet! Why do this now?! When you are signing the petition you'll have the opportunity to include a message. Below you'll find an excerpt of what I wrote...write what you feel & your position is based on how this will affect you and your family.
"...This not only impacts me and my family's vegetable garden, but impacts family & friends who use organic vegetables & fruits in their beauty/body care products to provide for themselves. This impacts farmers who's operations are just big enough for an offering at local Farmers' Markets. This also impacts local/county/state fairs...what about 4-H & FFA kids? What about those of us who strive to be as self-sufficient as possible, so as NOT to further stress the country's tapped financial situation by NOT having to rely on welfare? This essentially goes as far as limiting my daughter's ability to grow things in our window sill. Schools from elementary to High School & colleges all offer learning experiences surrounding growing & harvesting things. Remove our children's ability to learn because some stuffy politicians, with links to big corporations, will benefit from this? I DON'T THINK SO! Does anyone realize how much more allergic of a people we are nowadays? This is because we as a nation have gotten so lazy and away from growing/farming what we consume. Purity may feel important to some starched individuals, but exposure is what builds up our immunity. We aren't out in the dirt like we should be. Quit trying to institutionalize everything! THIS LEGISLATION GARBAGE IS AND NEEDS TO BE TREATED AS SUCH AND THROWN OUT!"


Natalie said...

vote KEELY 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lunc277@alpine.k12.ut.us said...

This is Elder Lunceford's mom. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I miss hearing his prayers. I love them too. Please tell him his mom loves him. Thanks again for taking time to find me.

Paula of CutieFruity said...

big brother strikes again. I don't think a bunch of new gov't onlookers (i can feel the debt coming on harder)are going to be able to keep deer from pissing in a field of alfalfa. WHAT do we elect these people to do all day? I think they are over in wa.d.c. just making stuff up now.

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