Have I Mentioned that I Despise Sitting Still?

Truly though, can't stand it. Still fighting off whatever this junk is that's got a hold on my immune system, and am having to do it from indoors! It's driving me NUTS!!! I tried to catch church yesterday, but that was a no-go. Seth & I made it through Sacrament meeting, and that was all-she-wrote. Plus, the gnarly wind is overwhelming from this side of my windows, so the thought of bundling up and braving it is really too much. Enough whining already, right? Well that was our thought exactly, so instead of laying around like a mole we decided to tackle a project I've been dying to complete for FOREVER! TA-DA! Here's my lovely floating board. =)
My bestie did one in her dining room last summer (her quote was about coming around the dinner table as a family), and I loved it so much I knew it was a perfect project for my bedroom. See we happily downsized from our grossly pretentious sleigh bed (it stole the scene & all the space when it came to the master bedroom), to our modest hollywood bed frame-nothing but metal rails, wheels, boxspring & mattress! Hence no headboard, and why this project would be perfect. However, Saturday Seth declared our house a national wardrobe/laundry disaster zone, and he promptly bought me my very own dresser! (giddy since I haven't had my very own dresser since I was a child)...It is a beautiful piece of furniture, and amazingly our room now seems larger, even with one more thing stuffed in it! VERY cool. =) To fit the dresser, my bed had to go under the window (which, with my curtains & all, I'm very glad we don't have a headboard). Inside I was panicking a little, but the length of the dresser called for something other than a typical framed pic. So, all in all, it's been divinely orchestrated for perfection from the start---and NOT by me! Hope you're finding little miracles sprinkled everywhere throughout your life too, even if its from the inside of your quarantined house!


ericksons said...

That is way cool. I see all your updates. I don't know how I missed this one. That is so amazing. I want one of my own. What did you use to hang it with?

LKP said...

The hardware is floating bolts...if that doesn't help, check Lowe's in the hanging section. Same place you'd find picture hangers & hooks...cost like $6.99 (REALLY affordable). =)

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