Forget Fired-Up....I'M BOILING NOW!

Add to my new list of pet peeve bills this one, HR-759! Is no one calling our lawmakers out?! Look what they did with youth ATVs...partially paralyzed dealerships across the country due to higher lead content? REALLY KELLOGG'S, REALLY?! What, is some infant or toddler, or child for that matter, really going to teethe on the kickstand? I mean REALLY?! So, on to HR-759. As I've mentioned before, I have a sister who's in the beauty product industry now. LOTS of people are! These are small potatoes, Mom & Pop kind of operations whose livelihood is dependent on being able to peddle their product via boutique, craft fairs, small retail locations, and the internet. They keep roofs over their heads and food on their table thanks to that $3 lip balm you just bought. Guess what?! Uncle Sam wants to bully them out as well. It's barbaric...downright Mob-like! Other friends of mine produce their own oranic lotions and whatnot, and they too will be impacted by out-of-touch politicians who sit in their over stuffed offices, behind their gargantuan desks, in their OVERPRICED suits (which WE bought them with our tax dollars) bent on slipping our freedoms out from under our noses, one sneaky bill at a time. Those stinkin' children of turtles!!! Just leave us all the heck alone already. I mean, REALLY?!

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