Tender Little...BOYS?!

So my inner-focus for January is Tenderness. This weekend, I've reaped the blessings of awareness as I've witnessed my Heavenly Father repair me...funniest thing is that healing was expedited via a few unexpected sources: yup, snakes snails & puppy dog tails---BOYS!

  • To mention Seth in this lot is not truly all that unusual, but he definitely set the stage Friday by taking me for a simple, humble night out to dinner at one of our favorite, quiet little restaurants (thanks again, Jan, you're the best). It was not a dinner overflowing with conversation (due to my braces, eating is still an Olympic decathlon event so it keeps my mouth busy & mostly shut-perhaps I'll shed some pounds through it all, lol), yet it was nice to spend time with my eternal companion and know that he cherishes each moment with me.

  • Next boy on the list is a young man from church named Sawyer. He usually always makes me smile from ear to ear, however today his enthusiasm for life made my HEART smile! He gives the best hugs, and I adore him for his ability to make me feel very important & special. Sunday just isn't complete without him---and today was no exception. Heavenly Father knew I needed an extra big bear hug ala Sawyer, it's like opening a warm bottle of sunshine!

  • Last boy on the list for this weekend is my friend Elijiah. He is a rough and tumbling ball of everything you'd expect from a 5-year old, which is perfect since he's probably not the first person I would expect to be taught a lesson in tenderness. Regardless, it came. We were all around the dinner table, playing card games with his family. Throughout the games he had been an island at the end of the table. In the last round of cards for the evening, it was his mom & dad, Elijiah, and myself. I offered my seat so he could reach the discard pile easier, he accepted so I scooted over one chair. We were playing a game that was new to him, so I had the opportunity of helping him along as he grasped the concepts. Not too far into our game he got out of his chair, declared he was going to move his chair closer. I told him that was fine. Next thing I knew his chair was side by side with mine and he was right next to me, practically snuggled in. It was such a small thing, but tender, and just what I needed. His trust was an honor to receive.
So these 3 BOYS helped illustrate a simple gospel principle taught by Isaiah, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8). Out of small simplicity comes great, life-altering moments. Even from BOYS. =0) Tender mercies witnessed this weekend? Yeah, I'd say so!!!


The Evanites Tribe said...

elijah was tickled to see his name on your blog today. he is a pretty special guy...last night i too was thinking about his tender heart and how just the small things were so emotional. the more i pay attention the more i understand the whole being more like a child. love you!

Jodi said...

That was a great post. And a great reminder that tenderness can come even from boys since that's my best bet at home. :]

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