A nOtHiNg Week

I don't want this to come across whiny, that's not me at all. It hasn't been an awful week...not even. It's really been a NOTHING WEEK. Ever have one? Where you go into uber-robot mode and even auto-pilot is draining? From first thing Monday to this current moment, as I type, that's what its been. I feel like Friday can't come quick enough, which is strange since I have never been a "live for the weekend" kinda gal-I usually love EVERY day. And seriously, it's not even Friday that I'm feigning for...really I just know once Friday's over I've survived. I'm more holding out for Sunday. I can't wait to sit in church and feel Heavenly Father holding me. But here I am. So, is it me finally settling into my 29-almost-30 age? Yeah, it's been one of those weeks. Just hanging on & counting down the hours....

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