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...Doesn't seem like it could possibly be that easy does it? I felt the same way, until this evening when it was yet again proven to me how His ways are not my ways. So far, it's been a better week than last. The sunshine's overdue presence, coupled with slightly warmer temperatures, and time off from work to focus more on the needs of my family have improved my spirits greatly. However, the world is still what it is, I am still what I am (and that's HUMAN), and these days are still the Last Days...so, my soul has been troubled by each new headline, policy, and news story.
The greatest victories this week have been in the brief moments in which the Lord has reacquainted me with WHO
I am as a daughter of God(note: added emphasis on WHO and absence of WHAT at this point). He has helped me by adjusting my perspective. One of those moments came in an email I received from my friend Jennifer. Please allow me to share with you the enlightenment...

...Thanks for joining me on my journey. It's been nice to have a companion or two or three along the way. I apologize for my bumbling times when I am slow in comprehending the tender & pure gifts He has given. However, know that you are numbered as some of my most cherished! Thanks again, and have a wonderful night. =0)

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::Jan:: said...

Love the honesty in your post. I love this video too. The first time I saw it, I had to share it also. So moving, so soft and pure.

I love how you are all for the meaning in your journey. Always searching for the better. It really can be so overwhelming, but aren't you getting the feeling that it also grounds you at the same time to those things that are so important. Being uncomfortable in these trying times, are helping us to all reach out and seek and ponder and pray more than ever. It's like Christmas all year round. I know that my anchor is the knowledge of God is in control. Then, reminding myself that we are all children of God.

I am glad you are feeling the sunnier side this week. It was so cloudy there for a bit.

Take care, and keep it going..

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