You're never fully dressed without a...

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR SMILES! "If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay! Quickly turn it upside-down and smile that frown away. No one likes a frowny face, trade it for a smile. Make the world a better place by smiling all the while!" This is not just because of my occupation, I just truly love smiles. Smiles help make a dark path brighter; a long journey shorter. They are such a gift. Today I was noticing them more and more. Did you realize you can hear a smile? When the room is silent, you can actually HEAR the corners of a person's mouth turn up on either side! Also, during phone conversations, you can hear a smile in the person's voice on the other end! Whether you actually see the whole face or only from the nose up, you can STILL see a smile...especially in the crinkles around the eyes...the position of the nose changes as well....I LOVE ALL OF THE SUBTLETIES OF SMILING! In thinking of it on a bigger scale too. When the colors in our world seem more vivid, I bet that's a smile crinkle of our Heavenly Father's. Or when your child listens to you, and says "yes, mom", and then DOES what you ask immediately? Or even when you haven't asked???? Oh yes, I believe that signifies God smiling down! "Hey, hobo man
Hey, Dapper Dan You've both got your style But Brother, You're never fully dressed Without a smile!
Your clothes may be Beau Brummelly They stand out a mile -- But Brother, You're never fully dressed Without a smile!
Who cares what they're wearing On Main Street, Or Saville Row, It's what you wear from ear to ear And not from head to toe (That matters)
So, Senator, So, Janitor, So long for a while Remember, You're never fully dressed Without a smile! "
The best part about smiles, is that they're CONTAGIOUS. So, get "fully-dressed" and let's spread an epidemic! =D

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Jan said...

I have been in a bummer mood and had someone simply smile and make my bummer turn summer. I couldn't think of anything else that rhymed with bummer. But I have literally needed a smile. It is a safe hug in a way. I couldn't go and hug a stranger, but I can wrap them up in a warm smile. And it is like a language that everyone understands. We had these Japanese guys stay with us once. They spoke no English at all. So we would just sit around the table and smile and then those smiles would turn to laughter and then tears from the laughter. But we understood each other in that we were happy to just be together. Later I got a letter from one of them in English. It was great to hear how he had truly felt at our home. Kudos to smiling Keely.

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