Grab a turtleneck cause the November Mist is here!

The Progressive Halloween Carnival couldn't have been a success without each and every one of you-no matter how you participated. Hosting an activity, or attending-each role you filled made it a SCREAMING SUCCESS of a fun, family night. If you have any digital pix you could share, please email copies to me at krromm@gmail.com. It would be a pleasure to put together an album/slideshow from the event. That way we've got the night from beginning to end. (Fun for those who didn't get to stop at each booth since they had their own to run). Thanks again to each of you, and have a happy November.

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♥miss~mattie♥ said...

That was a really funny Halloween. The missionaries outfits were perfect for them. I was laughing so hard.
Bye bye.♥☺♥

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