SNOWFEST..... nobody ever mentioned SnowFest before...

What a fantastic phenomenon, this SnowFest is! The event's a day full to the brim with family snow-type activities. They offered something for everyone. Horse rides and sledding for the normal, Polar Bear Club Dives for the lunatics (just kidding we love you Nat!)... really just a great time all the way around, and the best part was that it was all free! Here are some of the highlights. Despite injuries & a neckbrace from the car accident, the Romm family had a really great time amongst the Rexburg natives.

Here we are on the "Road Apple Trolley" (yes thoughts of Grandpa Dave came screaming to mind as soon as we read the sign). It took us around all the festivities, and man it was nice to cuddle up on the blanket and stay warm together.

Here's the grand-master of all sled hills. Completely constructed out of plowed snow from around town. The hill is really only about 1/3 that high without snow, if even that!

This is the Snowball gallery. They went ahead and created it out of that mock-jail Daisy loves here in Smith Park.

The community also set up an ice-rink and cross-country skiing course around the park. Free skate and ski rentals. Such fun!

Finally the mother of all crazy events, that are bad for your body (atleast temperature that is), and entirely insane... But it was a blast chanting & egging them into the icy depths of that plunge pool!

Here's our very own Natalie Peterson who hails from Home Sweet Home, Tri-Cities WA!!! She was a trooper. That's her on the left with her boss and fello co-worker to the right. They jumped as Team "Circle of Love." Go Nat, Go Nat!!!

This Little Guy probably weighed all of 5 lbs. But he was pedal to the metal when he got to the top of the platform.

All in all, a great time. Hidden treasure, we've decided to lovingly refer to it as, for truly you know not a thing about Rexburg, and you truly haven't lived until you've been a part of Rexburg, Idaho's SnowFest! Signing off, we love ya!

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