Alright, so we're full-blown with the moving. This is the most expensive potential I've ever even considered, let alone bought! (And no, husbands don't fall into that category. lol!) So, boxes are going in the new place...stuff's coming out of the old place. Why am I here then and not helping? Well, first of all, we're between trips now (hence the picture above). Second, the ranch is still nameless. So this is my S.O.S. This time around, though, I've got some words I'm loving but I'm not sure that they go together well. Rusty & Spur. Can you think of a good name utilizing one of them? Needs to be 3-4 syllables tops. ...Rolling Spur... ...Wild Spur... ...Rusty Pearl... ...Rusty Gem... ...what do you think? I've got a feeling we're almost on to it!


Garden of Egan said...

How 'bout:
Trusty Rusty
True Blue
Trusty Rusty Spur
Ding a Ling
Roma Dong
Wild Romm Pearl
Wild Pearl

Ya, that'll teach ya to ask!

Garden of Egan said...

Actually I kinda like Wild Romm Pearl.
Wild Pearl Romm

Give me a home
give me a romm

are ya sorry yet?

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