April 17th

I hope I'm not alone in saying this, but surprising the Bishop's family with service was THE absolute greatest thing last summer!
Not just a warm fuzzy of a day, but warm fuzzy of the year, I think.  

Since that was such a fabulous experience and EVERYONE involved that day came away feeling about 10 feet tall, let's do it again!

Get that calendar marker back out for April 17th's:
It'll be a day to remember filled with helping others, enjoying each other's company, making new friends, & yummy BBQ grub!

Service itinerary: TBA.  
BBQ will follow at Sunny Meadows Park

MATERIALS NECESSARY: an appetite for hard work & good food, some work gloves, your family & their favorite BBQ sidedish!

1 comment:

Cherie said...

As you know I totally stole this idea from you and am so excited about it!
We have one activity in March but then we are also doing this Service Activity with BBQ - You are a genious and this is going to be so fun!

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