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Well, that's not as much of a mystery as I had thought originally. All I can say is *phew!* the big ol' Luau has come & gone and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  (Ya likey the shirts w/ the tiki on them? Yeah, you know it! Totally created him, myself! *woot woot!*  See my original sketch/drawing?!)

Really, it did go swimmingly---please, excuse the pun! =)

Only down side was the heat from the Luau last Friday, then Saturday we took a long round-trip drive all the way past LaGrande & back for what may have been my family's last reunion (on my dad's side). We had a lovely time, we just had to cut the visit short in order to be back to run the primary kids' games for our ward's Pioneer Potluck.

All great events, just EXTREMELY HOT!!!!! =)

I realize I couldn't have hacked it as my pioneer ancestors did cause I get apparently too grouchy & exhausted under extreme temperatures! Really, the weekend took it right outta me, so much that I was physically sick Sunday, and had to stay home. Some of you may be thinking, "what's wrong with that?"....well, let me tell you...flat on your back sick, in a big house all alone, bored=NOT FUN....seriously, no joke....pulled up youtube on the laptop & soaked up the dangers of hitchhiking & anorexia from old ABC AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL episodes! ...yes, REALLY! ....don't hitchhike, kids .....and don't toss your cookies intentionally cause that's bad. for. you.  The other down side was that I missed Mini-Me's very first youth speaker assignment in Sacrament Meeting.  (On pioneers even!)  Was grateful the office was closed Monday so I had more time to recoup.

Felt like myself again by Tuesday, enough so to even join the ladies for volleyball & birthday celebrations at Sonic that night! Good times, good times.... Rousing, crazy game of anything goes WALLYBALL, topped off with hilarious women in drive-thru's at the witching hour? Yeah pretty much one of the best nights in a VERY LONG TIME!!!
Those VB ladies are the best! Thanks gals. =)

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