...is how what I discovered my heart was doing in response to this video of Mindy Gledhill & Andrew Capener of Parlor Hawk as they sang his song "Saddest Song" together.

P.S.  Doesn't short hair look smart on her?  Tempting, very very tempting.  Just sayin'.  ;)


M-Cat said...

I love the short hair! LOVE! And yes, my cutie patootie - YOU could so pull it off!

LKP said...

ha ha! awesome. well that's one cheerleader for my short-hair club! tempting as it is, i'm sure after about 6 weeks i'd be ready to have my longer-ish hair back (not that its long by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not cropped that's for sure). so i have to tell myself that. funny thing? i actually marked on my calendar 6 months to the day that i started re-considering another short cut. i figure that way if i still want it by then, well perhaps it'll be easier to say yes without regrets then. :) lub ya, M!

Lisa Loo said...

#2 for your short hair club! But then you would look good bald and wearing a potato sack so.......

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